Good Housekeeping

Multi- locations

Voertmans Gallery

September 13, 2018

To honor the former president's artistic achievements, artist/curators Morehshin Allahyari and Julie McKendrick have organized a collaboration with “Children of Artemis - Sketch Cult” – a regularly assembled group of Dallas-based artists at CentralTrak who make art in a communal setting. *George W. Bush will be in attendance and available to pose for photographs and answer questions about his inspirations, techniques and future artistic projects. Attendees are encouraged to add to the celebratory mood with creatively-themed costumes such fluffy bath-time robes or amateur painter's smocks or even attend the event as a presidential pooch or kitty cat!

Collaborative work with

Michael Morris - Film

Danielle Georgiou - Dancer

Rebecca Covington - Dancer

Julie McKendrick - Sound

This is a collaborative work by Danielle Georgiou, Julie Mckendrick, and Michael Morris. A 3.5 minute compression of a 15 minute performance. Originally performed at the Dallas Museum of Art as part of the 25th Annual Dallas VideoFest.

Class Group Project - Experimental 3D - Professor Nadav Asser created by:  Scott Wilson, Julie McKendrick, and Megan Bryant.